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About Us

How We Work

When it comes to choosing a removal company, preparation is vital and we will help guide movers through a process which guarantees we deliver the best possible service. We tailor each service to meet the needs of individual customers. However, here is how the stress free process works for most of our customers.

Quote Requests

We give quotes to our customers in many ways, either online or over the phone. If you request an online quote, an inventory will be required so we can give the most accurate price possible. This also helps us choose the best vehicle from our fleet, and pass savings onto our customers.

House Visits

Sometimes to deliver the best service possible, we may need to visit customers’ homes. This is so we can ask questions, and answer any you might have. If we do visit, we need to know about any special items, things that may need extra packaging or protection and items that may be a two person job to move. This allows us to calculate how many specialist protection blankets, ropes and ties we will require on moving day to make items extra secure, reducing damage to precious possessions.

After all the questions have been asked, we will then get back to you with an affordable, no obligation quote and details on how to pay for services – should they be used.

What will we ask?

  • How many wardrobe boxes you need?
  • How many boxes will you be using?
  • Who will be helping out on moving day?
  • Would you like any items unpacking first?
  • Which items are not being moved?
  • Are there any areas that have not been checked?

Before and After the Move

Before the move, we will be in touch to ensure that nothing has changed that we do not know about. This also gives those moving the chance to ask of any questions that weren’t asked previously.

One the day itself we will arrive at the property at an arranged time, and pack all items into our vans. We will then meet you at a new property and unpack. Simple.