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York Packing Services

This luxury addition to our services removes the stress of moving home. For decades our removals in York services have helped generations of families make the move in and out of the city. We’ve packed more than a few boxes in our time and we’re confident in saying we are now tried-and-tested experts on the subject.

If you’re dreading rounding up your possessions, why not remove the uncertainty of where to pack what, and get rid of last minute packing panic, by booking our expect packers instead?

From one staff member to a number of packing professionals, our crew pack everything on the premises and then unpack it all again at the other home. Regardless of whether you pride yourself on minimalism or are regularly accused of being a hoarder, having a packing service on speed dial means one less thing to worry about when you’re planning a move.

Individually tailored to each move, our packing services are suitable for budgets of all sizes. We’re friendly, punctual and efficient and offer peace of mind on an otherwise stressful day.

How Much?

We make our packing services as cheap as possible. Our prices are per hour and depend on the number of staff members needed. Discuss the level of service needed on our contact page.

How it Works

The first thing we do is allocate sufficient packing time before moving day. Once we know how much requires moving we can give you an idea of how long this will be.

We’ll make sure items are placed into clearly labelled boxes- each with a description so you know what’s in each box and where to find essentials like the kettle, pots and pans.

Every precaution is taken to guarantee that everything arrives at a property in one piece.

Need some help packing? Give us a call.